About Us

“Our Veterans raise their right hand and put on a military uniform to provide for our security and protect our freedoms. Serving our country through military services is a privilege that less than one in ten citizens commit to and experience. Veteran homelessness is unacceptable and we should all feel a shared responsibility to help end it. As a nation, we must believe that this responsibility is just as important as the responsibility taken by those who serve in the military.”

–Fred Hash, Army Veteran and Vice President of Building Blocks Non-profit Housing Corporation
The primary goal and mission of Lincoln Apartments is to provide the most quality, affordable supportive housing for our military veterans.

According to a point-in-time count conducted by the Indiana University Public Policy Institute on January 29, 2013, there were 320 homeless veterans in Indianapolis; this represents a 21 percent increase from 2010. We recognize that this is a major issue in our community and that we must take action.

We feel that Lincoln Apartments’ permanent supportive housing model is a permanent solution to veteran homelessness in Central Indiana.

To serve our purpose as a permanent supportive housing development for veterans, we are committed to designing and implementing innovative systems to address housing needs, increase meaningful employment opportunities, and provide other reintegration support services for homeless veterans through linkages established with veterans service organizations and other support groups.

Our model strives to provide a continuum of services that meet the needs and addresses the complex problems facing homeless veterans.

The Lincoln Apartments’ building was designed with features to help facilitate this mission. Such on-site facilities include a multi-station computer lab, large multi-purpose room for large group meetings and gatherings, a conference room, day lounge, and offices designed for private one-on-one counseling services.